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Christmas cheer! Over by those sandbags! Take cover!

I finished Call of Duty 2 today. It can be summed up as an awesomely chaotic and immersive fast-paced action game set in WW2.

In the first game, the Russian campaign was my favourite since it was a complete ripoff of the movie Enemy at the Gates, which is one of the best movies in my sparse DVD collection. Additionally, the snow-filled bombed-to-tiny-pieces setting of Stalingrad provided a very different battleground than what I was used to from WW2 games and movies (which mostly take place in France and Germany for some reason, and occasionally the pacific if you’re fighting the Japanese).

However, in this, the second installation in the series, I enjoyed the British campaign the most for its exotic desert setting and its hectic gunner-sequences. In fact my favourite sequence in the game was when you manned the machine gun on a German halftrack while your squad mate frantically sped through the North African city while the ever-lovable Capt. Price shouted at him for his bad driving.

The best part of CoD2 is the battle chatter, which causes your enemies to shout the positions of enemies at you and each other. First time an ally called out “Krauts! Behind that broken wall!” I found myself in awe of the fact that he had just accurately identified a terrain feature by name. It’s not something you see in a lot of games, and it really works well to immerse you in the action.

Overall, I give Call of Duty 2 four paws for being awesome and immersive on its own terms, and for letting me play as a Soviet conscript, but not managing to be much different from most other WW2 games – or even action games in general – especially not its own predecessor. I won’t even comment on the graphics, because they obviously kick ass.

Call of Duty 2

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