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My games are fucked

Suddenly, the pile of games I need to play seems so small.

As I wrote previously, I’ve been having some problems with Half-Life 2: Episode One. Attempting to update my graphics drivers resulted in problematicness which spread to Oblivion. Now it seems whatever texture quality I have selected in Oblivion, the textures will default to low quality. That means the normal maps are small too. Combine that with the insanely accurate light calculation in Oblivion, and suddenly everything looks smooth and slightly rubbery. A bit like Lego.

But I’m starting to lose interest in Oblivion anyway, so I thought I’d put it on hold for a month or two until my rig gets a new injection of state-of-the-art hardware so I can play it smoothly with everything turned to “W00T”. In the mean time, I thought, I’ll play Psychonauts! Got it for my birthday in April and still haven’t played it. I fired it up, and: DING! Encountered Error.

WTF? I didn’t even get to enter the main menu. I tried removing and reinstalling the game, but no dice. The troubleshooting part of the readme tells me nothing. I posted in the Majesco forums, but only got one somewhat unlikely reply so far. Their tech support page insists I call a phone line in frickin’ America. If this memtest thing doesn’t work, I’ll try posting on the PCG forums, maybe they’ll know there.

So now I think I’ll install Jagged Alliance 2 and check that out. Sometimes I wish I’d just bought a goddamn X-Box.

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