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Films, films, films.

My paper is done, and I turned it in yesterday. A whole day before I had to! That’s a first for me, I feel quite ambitious. My fellow students have not hesitated to point out that the grading is in fact completely without consequence so long as we pass, but my ego is a fragile construction, and it must be carefully maintained, lest it crumble into nothing. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for good marks on the paper.

Now I have to start studying for film history. It’s a braindead exam, I don’t recall if I’ve complained about it in this space before. It’s pretty much Trivial Pursuit for film geeks, 25 questions were given at the start of the semester and cover everything from the brothers Lumiére to the brothers Wachowski. We draw a question like “German expressionism”, get 30 minutes by ourself to jot down everything we remember on the topic, and then spend 20 minutes relating it all to the professors. It’s boring. It’s useless. It sucks.

So to comfort myself, I ordered an Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero 2. It should be here in 1-2 days, but we’ll see.

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  1. EER says

    But where can we download the paper! :P

    (Yes, I know that I probably can not understand most of it, but I want to try anyway)

  2. Jonas says

    I’ll put the Danish version up in PDF in a bit. We’ll see if it gets graded high enough to merit a translation ;)

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