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I check my GPS against my map. The convoy is approaching the checkpoint down the road. It’ll be here within 5 minutes. Looking around at the barren, sunbaked landscape, devoid of hard cover more than 10 inches high, and weighing the M79 grenade launcher in my hands, I decide the direct approach is my best bet.

I stroll down the hill towards the road and pick a bush next to the well worn tyre tracks. Making sure my by now somewhat old and patched-up camouflage suit covers everything it needs to, I crouch in the tall savannah grass behind the shrub and wait in the choking African noon heat for the convoy to turn the corner.

Far Cry 2 Church Tower Far Cry 2 UFLL Leaders

I’ve done this before and I know what to expect from these arms convoys: Two armed pick-up trucks on either side of a larger cargo truck with the goods. I need to blow the cargo to complete the contract, but I’ll need to dispatch the armed escort to stay alive. One driver and one gunner in each. I’m looking forward to trying out my new M79.

The first armed truck drives around the corner in the distance. I calmly wipe the dusty sweat from my brow and take aim down the barrel. If I do this right, three grenades will be enough. Otherwise my M249 SAW machine gun is ready to mop up the left-overs.

There’s the cargo truck and the second escort. Just need them a little closer.

Aaaaalmost there.

Far Cry 2 Detonation Far Cry 2 Fire

With a dull whump, I loose the first grenade, and the impact tears apart the leading truck, throwing its burning wreckage several feet into the air before it comes to rest a mere couple of yards from where I hit it. The driver in the cargo truck desperately slams the breaks, barely avoiding the wreck, and prepares to back up and drive around, but with the routined movements that come from years of practice, I eject the spent shell casing and insert a fresh grenade in seconds, lining up a new shot before the driver has a chance to evade.

The second explosion rolls off the surrounding hills, a blazing hellfire completely consuming the truck. My sardonic, satisfied smirk turns to horror as the munitions on the back of the vehicle are set off and launch the several tonnes of smoldering metal directly towards me. Seconds expand into minutes as I stare, frozen, mouth ajar at my unbelievable misfortune. It seems my mind has no reaction prepared for getting crushed by a burning truck, but at the last moment, I throw myself to the ground as heat and darkness engulfs me.

All this war, all these skirmishes – all the people I’ve killed and everything I’ve destroyed, and in the end I’m done in by physics…

Far Cry 2 Diamond Cache Far Cry 2 Oasis

Distant gunfire. Panicked shouts. A curse in a language I don’t understand. Somebody is tugging painfully at my arm. I open my eyes as much as I can, and I see Nasreen through the blood. She came to save me. How did she get the truck off me? My legs hurt, they must be broken. The gunfire has stopped, she’s killed the two soldiers in the last escort, but the grass is on fire all around us and I can barely stand, even leaning on her.

“Get up!” she grunts, supporting me only with one arm, unwilling to let go of her rifle. “Watch out, the fire is getting close.”

We limp away from the wreck, blood oozing from my forehead and swimming across my vision. Her jeep is parked just down the road, it’ll take us to the nearest safe house. One day my luck will run out – it seems I cheat death more and more narrowly each time. And this was supposed to be an easy mission.

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  1. Spot says


    I once was driving the glider on the river, and afer a few seconds I met a few of the enemy with their gliders too. I tried to escape them but failed, so I jumped into the river. I killed them all of course but when I decided to board one of the gliders, it was to late to notice the glider infront of one i boarded was smoking black ready to go into heavens as was ready to go into reverse =D

    I tried reloading but there wasn’t enough time to execute the animation of leting go the glider and jumping into the water, LOL

    So i died.

  2. Jonas says

    Death can be a lot of fun in this game :P

  3. EER says

    Hmmm, perhaps Far Cry 2 is in fact a fun game …

  4. Jonas says

    I think it depends how you play it. I oscillate a lot between stealth and head-on assault and demolitions, so I get a decent amount of variation from the gameplay. Gelo, by contrast, prefers to pick a set of tactics that suit him and a weapon loadout that supports those tactics, and then stick with that throughout the game, so he experienced FC2 as a rather repetitive game.

    FC2 is definitely a game where you make your own fun. Successfully doing so is a bit harder than in eg. Oblivion because FC2 is far more focused and simple than Oblivion’s feature-rich RPG gameplay, but if you switch things up a bit whenever you feel the game is getting stale, you should be able to at least maintain interest until you reach the end.

  5. Spot says

    Agree, fun is mine to create.
    On a note on ambushing a convoy, today the convoy amushed me.
    I was on my long way to my goal ,wasn’t listening what the gun dealer said to me nor did I watch my diary log. I just went to do the same shit whatever it was. I was with the goal in the same part of the mini map, just glanced it and didn’t watch if it was a moving goal scope. I saw on a map that there was a merc post and decided to stop by to replenish some synriges and maybe a grenade or two. While was in a gunfight, a convoy entered the stage and I was continuing the fight with my jaws droped.

    It can happen. =D

  6. Jonas says

    I carried out the weirdest assassination mission the other day.

    I was told to kill a guy in the northern part of the map, who appeared to be in a convoy driving in large circles as usual. So I went up there and decided to walk up to a stretch of road about half-way between two checkpoints.

    I reached the road not long after the convoy with the target had passed, but to my surprise I saw that the marker on my map stopped a bit down the road, not far from one of the checkpoints. Then I heard crashing noises and saw the marker leave the road.

    I crept towards the marker, no idea what to expect, and then somebody started shooting at me. So I reckoned the convoy had spotted me, I threw a grenade at the only enemy I could see while I began circling around to flank him, but a moment later I heard a boom, a scream, and the mission was completed O_o

  7. Spot says

    Yeah, before I figured at what I was throwing my grenade, BOOM – Objective completed. Convoy Out :O “Now take care of the mess you made”

    I find long drives not so boring. Actually I find It interesting (“The Gods Must Be Crazy” like =D )and integral part of being mercenary. Long way + I have jeep = Fast traveling minus the encounters, but If I’m good I can at least leave those at the checkpoints eating my dust.

  8. EER says

    Does it have coop over internet?

    Given the fact that you make your own fun it must make sense to implement something that allows you to make your own fun together? If so, I may purchase it to support coop. If not, I’ll just wait until it’s friggin 5 euros in the budget bin.

  9. Jonas says

    It doesn’t have co-op at all, sadly. That’s especially a problem because many of the vehicles have attached weapons, but you have to change seats to use them :(

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