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The Day My Life Went Gold

When I was 15 and I was getting done with the Danish equivalent of junior high school, I joined a mod for Deus Ex. 7 years later I am nearly 23 and getting done with my bachelor degree, and TNM was released a week and a half ago. I have yet to entirely understand to what extent that change will impact my life.

Last week was pretty hard on me. Here is a handy pie chart showing what my mind has been used for over the last three or so months:

My neural activity for the past 3 months

Before we released, I thought I couldn’t possibly get much busier. I worked more than full time on bug fixing and testing, and I was certain things would calm down post-release. In fact it only got worse as the bug reports and technical issues started flooding in. I stayed up until 4 or 5 every night last week, helping people on the forums and fixing the problems they reported.

Now the patch is out, and the bug reports have slowed a little, I’m determined to give myself a break. No truly severe bugs persist, and patch 1.0.2 can wait a while as I recover and mind my education for the first time this semester. Good job I turned in my bachelor thesis in January or I would be completely screwed now.


TNM has been well received on average. Dissenters will always exist, and I hear Something Awful has a whole thread dedicated to making stuff up about TNM and subsequently using it to ridicule the game, but I’ve been staying clear of it, so I’m blissfully oblivious of their less-than-harmless fun. Somebody summed up the common reaction to TNM pretty succinctly: “The general consensus seems to be that everybody hates the premise until they start playing.”

The first proper review to go up (and technically the only proper review so far) was posted by Richard Cobbett on the day we released:
His feedback was invaluable in identifying certain major gameplay flaws to be alleviated in 1.0.1.

Tom Francis was tipped off to TNM’s release by Richard and proceeded to write a hilarious post about it before he’d even played it:
We sent a DVD copy of the game to the PC Gamer office, so hopefully they’ll dedicate some space to us. Probably not as much as we deserve though (because printing special issues is expensive).

Kieron Gillen had the fantastic idea to bring back TCP’s Narcissus Entity for his TNM post on Rock Paper Shotgun:
I’m hoping he’ll find the time to play the mod and do a proper post about it at some point.

Chris Evans from The Reticule met up with me on MSN for an interview:
I think I mostly managed to reign in my ego and my rampant megalomania.

Joshua Smellie saw fit to commit a whole series of posts to reviewing The Nameless Mod:
I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Meanwhile, Kahdeksan has started recording a playthrough of the WorldCorp storyline on YouTube:
Wherein he plays TNM as the greatest bastard the game will enable him to be (which is a dirty great bastard indeed).

And Felix decided to do a more thorough, narrated playthrough, the first part of which is here:
We asked him to put it on hold until after patch 1.0.1, so now that it’s out, he will hopefully continue soon.

What now?

I need to get back to this blog. It’s starting to get a little dusty. I think there may even be cobwebs forming in the corners. Despite how busy I’ve been with TNM, I have managed to play a few games I haven’t written about here, and now that the first patch is out, several games are waiting for me, chief amongst them HAWX, an unlikely candidate for my most anticipated game this quarter (if only because Alpha Protocol was postponed).

I also treated myself to a Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G objective for my camera, so expect even more cat picture posts here than usual for a while, assuming the weather holds (and it won’t, because this is Denmark, land of the 15-minute shock rain showers and inexplicable April snow).

Oh yes, and of course I have a degree to finish.

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8 Responses

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  1. Torsten says

    What ever will you do with your time now? Knitting is all the rage these days, or so I hear. That at least has a linear design.

  2. Jonas says

    I’ve been thinking about collecting stamps.

  3. Milton says

    I’m playing TNM and when I complete one storyline I will post my thoughts. (my forum nick is shadowtruth)

    So far I have to say a few things:

    + You provide better support than most paid games.
    + TNM offers an experience that VERY few commercial titles offer.
    + TNM is free.
    + TNM has very good voice acting (in fact I don’t remember a single game with better voice acting).
    + TNM expands greatly on deus ex, I think you can’t even say it expands on deus ex because it’s almost an entirely new experience (sort of a blend between Fallout(type of humour/quest design), Deus Ex(gameplay/story)).

    – TNM is not a game. That is the only problem, and because of this many other small problems appear(A.I., general audio/visual quality etc), but nothing that stopped me from enjoying the mod.

  4. Jonas says

    I won’t let the facts stop me from calling it a game ;)

  5. Milton says

    I didn’t meant to sound negative when I said it wasn’t a game. I meant that because it technically isn’t, most of the problems derive from there (because you lack control over many things). Still, your mod is by far better than most commercial games.

  6. Jonas says

    Thanks :D

  7. Pentadact says

    Congrats again. I’m still dipping in and out of it, and cheers for the awesome boxed copy. It is indeed featured in a very special issue of PC Gamer, but as you predict, not with as much space as it warrants.

    Best of luck with whatever you get up to next.

  8. Jonas says

    I’m looking forward to getting that issue (each issue of PC Gamer UK is delivered to me by airmail with approximately one week’s delay) so I can see how much space you afforded us. I will need to take measurements for purchasing the frame.

    I know you are probably a very busy man, but any amount of feedback when you’ve had time to play the mod would be appreciated. Though it’s sad to admit, feedback from professional journalists or developers is just slightly more interesting.

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