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TNM High Quality

I’ve been messing around with the various graphic enhancement projects for Deus Ex recently, applying them to TNM to see how it looked. Turns out how well it looks varies greatly from location to location. Overall I’d say it’s an improvement though. The four graphics mods for DX are thus:

High Definition Texture Package
In which the aim is to replace all Deus Ex’s models and their textures with higher-poly, higher-resolution versions. Have released a demo, and are currently hard at work on their first proper release.

New Vision
One man’s quest to recreate every world texture in Deus Ex with textures 8 times as large. Currently in open beta, and about 65% done.

The ENBSeries
Which adds modern graphical technologies such as bloom, specular, and bump-mapping to so-called “last-gen” or even older games with brute force. Currently in some sort of alpha mode for Deus Ex, so there are quite a few kinks to work out, but it’s already fairly impressive.

DirectX 9 renderer
Which brings many fixes and improvements to the aging game. This one is necessary in order to run New Vision and the ENBSeries at all, so kudos to Chris Dohnal for coding it up.

I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots:

Unfortunately the ENB Series runs quite terribly on my machine, and I’ve heard similar accounts from others. It’s probably the real-time bump mapping and bloom that destroys the framerate, but it does look a lot better in this latest version than it did in the last beta.

It strikes me as a huge missed opportunity that the ENB Series for DX didn’t come along in time to coordinate with its creator. The new specular effects would’ve been particularly useful in portraying Forum City wet with rain as it should be before you enter DXI.

It’s far from perfect yet, but considering this is a very early alpha build, I’m highly excited to see where all this is going. When all three of these projects are finally complete, DX will look quite acceptable indeed!

Also, in case you missed it, here’s our annual TNM April fools joke for 2009, written by Gelo and I ;)

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10 Responses

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  1. Keenan Harvey says

    PicLens? XD

    They changed it to Cooliris (I have it, I know), just an FYI so you do not look as though you are behind.

    *Drools* *Stares* Cool… :D

  2. EER says

    This looks amazing :o

  3. Jonas says

    Keenan: I’m just using the latest version of the Next Gen Gallery plugin. I just put in a tag that calls the gallery I want to post, and NGG puts that PicLens note in itself.


    EER: Yes it looks fairly good. Unfortunately the bloom is completely out of proportion in ABI – in the main factory perimeter, you will literally be blinded by the snow on the ground. There are also still textures that end up looking a little slimey because of the bump mapping, and though ENB no longer bump-maps unlit textures (for example the skybox or TV screens), you’ll still find bumpmapped textures that really shouldn’t be, such as the world maps or posters on the walls.

    The GUI also still has a subtle bloom :P

  4. Mads Tejlgaard says

    Still, it does look pretty nice…

    These things will definately make DX more playable as they mature.

  5. Jonas says

    And more importantly: TNM ;)

  6. ertertwert says

    Anyone have a mirror to the DX9 renderer? There’s been too much traffic to the download site.

  7. Alexbeav says

    Can you post exact installation instructions ? I can’t get it to work :( I have Deus Ex GOTY edition

  8. Jonas says

    Already have, they’re on our wiki :)

    Good luck!

  9. Doktor Haus says

    Would you be willing to share your ENB config?
    Never can get it tweaked just right. :P

  10. Jonas says

    I just use the default configuration actually.

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