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The blog is finally up again after 9-ish months of downtime following a failed WordPress auto-update. I enlisted the help of the eminent Erik Renes to sort things out, and he handled it swiftly and without mercy.

It’s not that nothing important has happened since the blog went down. I’ve become officially a professional game designer with the release of Expeditions: Conquistador for all major digital distribution platforms. Hell, it’s even out on retail in Spain and Italy by now, and coming to Germany soon and who knows where else. There’s certainly lots to write about that whole process, not to mention the process of actually releasing the game, but it’s already history now and the moment for such ruminations is past.

We’ve got other things cooking now, surprising and shockingly different things, so expect a slow trickle of information in that direction over the next few months.

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  1. EER says

    I may provide you with some content about a Dutch-Danish alliance ruling the world in a couple of months :)

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